Cleora Consulting

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Needs Assessment & Design

The experience of Cleora Consulting professionals on their respective domains of competency  allow  to  tailor a team to assist your organization to drive Needs Assessment, systematically exploring the current state of the organization and identifying areas where change  will be most apparent and where the Change Management Design can have the most influence.
An appropriate Needs Assessment and Design incorporates the following three elements:

Current State Analysis
* Identify the state of the environment
* Identify current and past communication, education, and support
* Measure the amount of change required to get from "as is" to "to be"
Impact Assessment
* Evaluate the effects of change to the environment
* Meet with Subject Matter Experts - those who do the process and process owners
* Review existing documentation
Knowledge Transfer
* Develop project plans and strategies for communication, education, and support
* Estimate work effort
* Define roles and power users
* Assess staffing needs
* Recommend training media